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Our Services
Leverage our IT application development and recruiting services to maximize the performance of your organization.

Our consultants have experience with a wide range of capabilities such as:
  • Custom application development
  • Project management
  • Mobile software development
  1. IT Staff Augmentation
    Large projects, tight schedules and new business require the right people to get things done. Liberty Technologies will provide staff ready to help achieve business goals . Why IT Staff Augmentation, you might be asking? Why not hire more full-time employees that will be along for the long haul? Quite simply: because you may not always need the additional staff. Sometimes, you need highly skilled and finely tuned workers to churn out important work and then be done. Sometimes, you need augmentation to what you’ve already got working. The 5 key benefits to IT Staff Augmentation: 1. Cost Effective – What’s the point of paying for extra employees year round if you only need them for a very short time? With IT staff augmentation, you’re paying for the work you need, when you need it and only for the right skills at the right times. By not paying full time wages year-round, you’re saving a great deal of money in both the short, and long term. 2. Flexibility – Staying flexible in business is arguably more important than staying powerful. The ability to adapt is what promises that a company stays ahead of the curve and by using staff augmentation, you can ramp up the intensity of your staff’s work output when needed. 3. Control – By using IT staff augmentation, you, the organization, maintains complete and total control over who is doing the important work, who gets delegated to minor tasks and who is leading the charge on your most important and pressing projects. Maintain control, maintain the final product and every single step along the way. 4. Less Risk – One of the most risky and terrifying thing during a major project can be full blown outsourcing. By handing over quite literally everything to an outsourcer, you’re giving up the power, control and oversight until the very end. By augmenting your existing staff with highly trained and knowledgeable staff, you’re keeping things in-house and under your jurisdiction, completely minimizing the overwhelming risk that can come with outsourcing. 5. Counteracting Attrition – Recent studies indicate that as the economy improves, up to 40% of employed IT professionals are ready to change employers. So as IT attrition becomes an inevitable side effect of a positive economic upturn, IT Staff Augmentation can solidify your staffing needs.
  2. Technology Recruiting
    Our recruiters are always working to build their network of relationships with quality IT professionals. We will work with you to leverage their network which increases your chances to find the right recruit at the right price for your organization. Why does this help you: 1. Bigger pool of resources. You company receive a variety and number of candidates that may have not been available to you otherwise. 2. Fresher skill and input. New recruiters and recruiting methods can help you find resources with new skills and inputs for the betterment of your company. 3. Reduce internal politics. With external recruiters, there is a possibility that the candidate might avoid internal politics or internal competition for candidates. 4. Fair recruitment. External recruitment paves way for a fair means of recruitment. Since the competition is open and wide, there is more opportunity for candidates. 5.Ideas from other industries. Your company can gain insight into various other aspects of other industries by means of external recruitment.
  3. IT Projects
    Our Project Managers have worked on a wide range of projects in many industries. You can leverage their collective experience to bring new life to your projects. Our Project Managers will provide significant advisory and implementation advantages to any small to medium size business, compared to the in-house staff or a single IT expert. The expertise also comes from alignment with various IT Partners, with added ability to bring the best of the technology to the clients. While you get specialized expertise, you can work with consultants on as-needed basis. It provides you with greater flexibility in the relationship while enabling you to have extra benefits for the business. While you may pay a higher hourly rate for a consulting service, your IT consulting investment will actually save you money, from obtaining more efficient and cost-effective solution to extra compensation savings: Save on salaries and perks Save on employee benefits Save on tax contributions Unlike a business owner who may have attempted or restructured the business once or just a few times, IT and technology consultants have experience in implementing projects for a significant number and a variety of different organizations – because that is what they do for a living. Having learned from those changes and processes in the past, IT experts can bring tremendous expertise to the table. Developing a project scope, change management plan, or working with different levels of management throughout an organization is a familiar territory to a good IT consulting team. You will benefit from their knowledge and experience needed to take advantage of best options, avoid common pitfalls or to help you overcome resistance to change from your workforce. Different IT experts utilize different tools, methods and procedures, depending on their field of expertise. Professionals choose the right tools for the specific business needs — tools that are operational upon engagement. Partnering with various technology industry leaders, a professional IT company has access to the best tools tested true. A significant experience in using technology and process templates allows for solid recommendations on best solutions to be used both for the client, for example, in the managed services practices, and by the client, as in their day-to-day operations. Expertise, experience and proper tools bring us to the next benefit – faster deployment. Why re-invent the wheel when you can use external IT resources and to keep your important internal resources where they belong in your business process. Adapting to proven procedure templates and models to your specific business needs and leaving materials, procedures and communication plans in expert help of IT professionals makes less room for error in both planning and implementation phases of your change management process. In the end, it simply allows for faster, more efficient deployment. The results are that both the planning and implementation phases of your change management process can get underway within a shortened time frame.